ESPM promotes the Apex program in International Marketing

Apex-Brasil and the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) are open until January 8 for the Internationalization Marketing Course, which will be held in São Paulo, on January 21 and 22 (first phase). ) and February 11-12, 2020 (second phase).

The course is aimed at Brazilian companies producing goods and services interested in opening operations abroad and aims to offer training in international marketing issues. In particular, the training will seek to assist participants in the preparation of their companies’ international marketing plan.

Expected outcomes include greater recognition of foreign market opportunities and threats, market analysis, positioning, value proposition, competitive advantage, and the strengths and weaknesses of companies, their offerings and their brand.

The training will be divided into two stages (21 and 22/1 and 11 and 12/2) and will address the following topics in International Marketing:

  1. Fundamentals for building an International Marketing Plan;
  2. International Marketing Strategy (including market analysis, positioning, value proposition, competitive advantage, objectives, goals and indicators);
  3. International strategy for 4P’s – Price, Promotion, Square and Product;
  4. Definition of the marketing plan, including budget and action schedule; and
  5. Dynamics that allow the public to put into practice the content presented.
    Companies interested in participating can apply by following the link below.

Considering the objectives of the course and the limit of available places, Apex-Brasil will select the registered candidates and will disclose the final list of participants. To meet the selection criteria, access the Course Schedule and Rules.

For more information, (in Portuguese)